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We meet thirty six times per year at The Priory Club, Broadfield Drive, Leyland, Lancashire, England, PR25 1QN, we hold a concert on the third Wednesday of every month, a professional guest artist features on alternate months. Our local players are the special guest artists on the months in between. Each month we have a practice night which is an excuse for us to get together drinking coffee, talking about all things accordion, playing, making new friends and generally having a good time.

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Leyland Accordion Club meet on the first, third and if there is one, the fifth Wednesday in each month. The first and fifth Wednesdays of the month are informal practice nights, the third Wednesday is always our concert night.

The doors open at 7.30 PM. From 8pm onwards we listen to a variety of amateur and professional players on our stage. If you are a player, then bring your accordion along and give us a tune.



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    Leyland Accordion Club website for accordion news, advice and help. Online information not only about our own club but also the UK accordion scene in general, links, accordionists, news, festivals, recordings, repair, sales and MIDI...

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